Day 376 What makes us great?

Today is Monday. Today, I spent time with my new little rescue puppy, Fiona. She is a Minpin mix. Probably weighs about 12 pounds and has a very sweet and humble disposition.
Rescue dogs, I’ve been told again and again, return immeasurable love out of gratefulness for being taken in.
How much less can we do for each other?
Is greatness measured by wealth? Or by how often and how much we share that wealth with others? Is greatness measured by military might? Or by the compassionate talks for peace and humanitarian intervention? Is greatness measured by tough heavy handed leadership? Or by serving the people one is responsible to and for?
Do we have a narcissistic view of greatness or an altruistic view.
Perhaps greatness is determined not by “stuff” and power but character, service, integrity, compassion.
The other kind of greatness without these traits is shallow, self serving, temporal.
A country can”t be great unless its people are great and the “greatness” needed is when all of us work for everyone’s benefit and not just our own.


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