Day 373 Good news

Check out @RayJoha2’s Tweet:

Today is Friday. Today, I heard some really great news. As you know, I write a number of people in prison. When something good happens, it is not only unusual but it makes the the good news that much better like Chelsea Manning getting her sentence commuted. She will be uncaged in May.
Today, I heard that Jeffrey Sterling’s health has improved and he will be out this November!
I truly do believe in the power of prayer.
Mr. Sterling has been in my family’s thoughts and prayers for a long time.
It has been a privilege to write him and try to encourage him.

There are so many sad and tragic events happening on a daily basis;to hear the news of Mr. Sterling’s release is a cold refreshing glass if water to parched lips and a desert dry mouth.

To Mr. Sterling:  My continued prayers and support.  You are an inspiration.  Peace and blessings to you and your wife.

❤Peace my friends.  Don’t give up on people.  Keep them in your thoughts, in your heart.  You never know when and how your prayers will be answered.❤


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