Day 368 What are we made for?

Today is Monday. Today, my son, Matt called 3 times using up more minutes than he really should. He gets concerned about the “medical treatment” after he is released. We can’t seem to find anyone who knows exactly what this means and quite frankly, it’s difficult trying to find a caring lawyer who can help in this State.

Today, I came home after working a 10 hour 3rd shift and took a nap. I take care of an older couple. They need help getting dressed, using the toilet, eating, getting washed up, etc. It is more than just a job for me. These people trust me. They have no privacy with me; I see everything, literally. I am their “safe” person.

Matt told his dad and I how he wants to follow in our footsteps of helping others. I have to chuckle because he has been doing that for a long while now..:)

I really do believe that is what we are made for. We aren’t islands unto ourselves, but I believe we are meant to be a community of people that cares for each other, fosters growth, helps each other achieve our dreams, keep each other from harm and harming others, love and support beyond those things that divide people like colour, gender, religion and culture.

A heart filled with love will not seek to harm others. A heart filled with love will not get offended easily. A heart filled with love will be understanding and foster good will.

If eyes are windows to what lies inside of a person, I strive for pupils that look like red hearts…:)

To all those who read and support, you are in my heart…:)

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