Day 365 One year during Matt’s incarceration.

Today is Friday. Today marks one year since I started to blog daily while my precious son Matt, a torture survivor and innocent man serving time in Federal Prison.
Today, I am even more proud of him and humbled by his wisdom. He has a sense of justice with mercy and he sees beyond the issues to the heart of the matter to the hearts of people.
Today, I am more determined than ever to support my son and others who must endure our prison industrial complex.
Today, I will not give up on seeing restorative justice, seeing mercy, seeing rehabilitation, seeing a chance for lives to be repaired, renewed, reformed, compensated.
I don’t know when my son will have an opportunity to go to a halfway house; but, until then, I will keep writing. Even if only one person is encouraged(and I hope these posts encourage), I will have made a difference.
To all of those in prison like my son, I salute your courage to survive, especially those who face some of the most brutal and cruel conditions in this country.
Matt, you are a treasure. Stay true to yourself.

Peace my friends❤❤❤

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