Day 364 Conduit of Compassion

Today is Thursday. Today, I had the incredible privilege with heartbreaking grief to share tears with a special friend whose young daughter was just recently in a major car accident.
We are not islands unto ourselves. We live on the planet with 7 plus billion people. Sometimes we are given opportunities to be conduits of grace and compassion to those who are suffering.

I cry easily. I cry when I’m grieved, I cry when I’m really happy, I cry when I see something incredibly beautiful. Geez, I just cry. Sometimes, I get really frustrated with myself for being so emotional, but I think that maybe unfair.
I suspect my friend needed to hear her friend cry with her. There’s something to be said about being moved to tears for another.
My son, Matt, might not appreciate me sharing this, but he gets moved to tears when he sees unfairness, injustice and people suffering. I’m thankful he has a heart like that.  It spurs him on to focus on others and less on his own situation.

And then there is Paul, who is a hospice chaplain.  The man comforts, sings and prays for those who are suffering and about to leave this world.  He also encourages those left behind.  What an amazing conduit of compassion.
Today, my son has 2 minutes left to speak with us. I have to give the guy credit. He does manage even though he loves to chat with his folks. It really is very unfair that his time is limited especially since his parents pay for it! But, it is what it is. I am thankful that I can hear from him even if it is for 2 minutes. Tomorrow, his minutes will be renewed.

Be a conduit of mercy and compassion because in truth, whatever you give out will be returned to you. Peace my dear friends.

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