Day 352 Devotion (a Mother’s Love)

Today is Saturday. Today, I read again the story of a beautiful young mother and journalist who died because truth was more important than her own life. Today, I think about the mother of this journalist who has been steadfastly, persistently, tirelessly trying to seek justice for the murder of her daughter, her little girl, her heart’s treasure.
Today, I know that many people will still be unaware of the courage, the dedication, and the tragic loss of Serena. Telling the truth has become dangerous to the powerful, the greedy, the corrupt, who want to keep their power and money at the expense of so many lives.
I have the extreme privilege of knowing the mother of Serena and I have a deep sadness for not knowing Serena personally. Serena would be the same age as my son, Matt; too young to suffer, too young to die.
Too many will be unaware of profound impact of Serena’s journalism because the mainstream media lacks the integrity and courage, as it once had long long ago, to report the truth, to hold the corrupt accountable, to protect the people from lies and needless wars.
Today, I strongly encourage you to read the in depth story of Serena and her life.  There are journalists who do tell the truth, who are patriots for the people of this country, who will risk their very lives to expose what we don’t want to hear, what we are afraid to hear; but desperately need to hear.

And Judy, this is for you.  God bless you for your devotion to your daughter and what she stood and still stands for.  From one mother to another who love our brave children.

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