Day 346 Safe People

Today is Sunday. Today, I heard Paul speak about safe people. He talked about how Jesus was looked at as a lunatic by his own friends and family because He spoke in a way that made them question how a simple woodworker could impart so much wisdom. Heavy sigh. Even Jesus in all His kindness and humility was misunderstood.

I want to talk about safe people. In Jesus’ case, His family and friends should have supported him even if they misunderstood Him. They should have been His “safe people.”

Safe people are understanding and supportive. They listen and do not judge. It does not mean they are are “yes” people because safe people should be honest.

Safe people admit when they make mistakes; they are humble, not arrogant, not self-righteous.

Safe people don’t get hostile because they don’t agree with you, nor continually defensive.

Safe people earn trust not demand it. They are loyal, transparent, and trustworthy.

Safe people grow and they encourage those they care for to grow, to thrive, to be more than they dream.

My son, Matt, wonders why people are drawn to him and feel safe with him. He is one of those people who understands, who cares, who encourages, who does not judge, who earns trust. I have had the privilege of staying connected to many of the people he has met in prison.

If you have even one of these people in your life, then you have a real treasure.

May we all grow to be “safe people.”

Peace and love my friends….


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