Day 345 Orzo Soup

Today is Saturday. Today marks the 10th monthly visit I’ve been graciously given to spend time with my son. This month marks one year since he was sentenced. I remember the judge looking at my son with very sad eyes. I really do believe in my heart that she did not want this for him but the stakes were too high and too many cowardly and vindictive and evil people were players in the case to choose not to plea. And thank you, Matthew, for saving your folks from prison.

Today, I came home to some orzo vegetable soup. If you haven’t had orzo before, it is a small oval shaped noodle used in Mediterranean dishes and mostly soup. At the bottom of my bowl, the orzo floated in a nice rich soup broth. By itself, the orzo would have been okay. I like orzo, but it’s very one dimensional and unexciting if that’s all there was in the soup.

But, in my soup, there were chunks of bright orange carrots, purple turnips, pieces of red tomatoes, golden brown mushrooms and small slices of pale green celery. Now that’s a soup that looks pleasant to the eye and quite delicious to eat. This is a hearty soup. Variety, it makes life interesting and tasty and definitely not one dimensional.

When I was growing up outside of Boston, I used to go into the city because I loved the variety of people, of languages, of culture. I believe this country is enriched by the diversity. I believe that we have so much to learn from each other.

Paul, Matt and I have had the greatest privilege of knowing all kinds of people, sharing bread with them and discovering what makes them who they are. There are good and bad people in every culture, in every walk of life.

But, to fear someone you have never had the opportunity to get to know because your media or your gov’t tells you so…:(

peace and love my friends…

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