Day 344 God be with those who now wait in fear

Today is Friday. Tonight, I am in Ashland so I can see Matt tomorrow. It was a great drive because the weather was like spring. Matt called during the drive and told us how he had spent some time outdoors. I thought about the long year Matt spent in a dungeon and how amazing it had to feel for him to stand in the sunshine after such a horrible situation.
Today, I watched a clip about immigrants being rounded up for deportation. There are approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants and most have worked and lived in this country for a long time.
My grandparents were immigrants. I thought about how it would feel to be torn from a life I have known, detained under brutal conditions and then thrown out of the country. What if I was five years old and they came for my mom?
And when I am thrown out, I will have no money, no place to live, no safety, no family because they are probably left behind. What if my child is thrown out with me? What if I left a country where I had feared for my life and now I will be sent back? (ironically, my family was and we still have some fear as my son sits in prison)
If you are okay with any of this, then you should read my post on concrete hearts.
This country has lost humanity and deportation will be the final exclamation point proclaiming that.

God be with the souls who now wait in fear…

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