Day 336 Flying

Today is Thursday.  Today, I flew for the first time in about 7 years.  Today, it was so cool to sail through a sunny blue sky and see a quilted layer of cloud below.

My only complaint, I forgot the Dramamine.  I have motion sickness.  I am really affected when the plane begins to land.  Circling the runway is a real issue especially if there is turbulence.

I suspect some of my peeps I write might think about what it would feel like to grow wings and just fly high into a summer sky and feel free.

I think about all of you peeps.  I don’t take for granted a flight in the clouds or the smell of rain or the cold sweetness of ice cream on my tongue.  I savor each slice of orange.  Jeremy hasn’t seen an orange in 3 years.  A warm shower for one, a fluffy pillow, a comfortable bed; things my peeps don’t have and I do.

Every night when Matt calls, I feel my heart beat a little faster.  I am so grateful to hear his voice before I go to sleep.  Some moms don’t get to hear their loved one’s voice because it’s too expensive or he/she is in solitary.

Today, I flew across the sky and I prayed for all my incarcerated peeps.  I want you all to be free.

Peace friends..savor life’s little gems because so many are caged and hurting..remember the imprisoned.

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