Day 331 Puppets

Today is Saturday. Today, I spent a majority of the day building a puppet stage. It will take the shape of a barn with side panels shaped into trees. I have a barn owl and and squirrel puppets as my main characters. I teach kids once a week of varying ages.
Matt used to be a puppeteer when he was younger and has even won some awards. We spoke tonight about that and he laughed softly. Those were fond times for him. He used puppets that looked like people and he and a group of other kids made a team and they competed.
The empty headed puppets made of stuffing are fun, the live ones; not so much. When I look at mouth pieces and puppets for the elite and the evil, it’s quite frightening.
I try to teach kids about compassion and kindness with my puppets..:)

Meet Sally Squirrel and Wise Owl


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