Day 326 Weird cards for my peeps…


Today is Monday. Today, most of my day was spent creating some new and unusual art for my incarcerated peeps.
Today, I received an email and a call from two different people, who wanted to let me know, they would be filling bags for the homeless and keeping them in their cars. Well, that just makes me smile wide..😁
Today, my son received 3 magazines in the mail thanks to supporters out there. He is very grateful.😉 Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Please don’t forget to write an inmate. It is a really big deal for them. I try to imagine how some of them feel, especially the guys I write who have nobody. You know, I try to go there and I just dissolve into tears. I HAVE to be committed to writing them regularly.  No choice.  They are too important, too vulnerable, too alone.
I got a call today from a sweet woman who asked if she could give me money for my son and any other inmate I support. Wow. I’ve been really short financially and this was a blessing. Now a couple of guys can get something other than my weird cards..😁

Peace dear friends..want to know how to get past a problem? Focus on someone else and make his/her life a little more bearable..❤❤❤


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