Day 322 Don’t forget the little people in the storm.

Today is Thursday. Tonight was my turn to serve at our “Community Table”. Normally, I do some of the cooking and then help fill the trays. This time, I decided to pass out the trays and fill drinks. What an incredible blessing. Do you know how many people I got to hug?
Old people, young people, hard scrabble people, sad people, hungry people, and beautiful children. It was an incredible privilege to look into these peoples eyes and really see them.
Matt tells me that is who we are. We are the people who love and encourage others.
I got to push the cart with bowls of rainbow sherbet topped with a cookie around and hand out the sweet treats. OMG if the children didn’t didn’t squeal with delight. I was so pumped. I was pumped because even when you feel the world has gone mad and things look dark, the simple act of doing a kind thing for others helps you rise above and fills your heart with such love.
I want the people who are scared to know that there are those of us out there who love them.
So tonight, a hot bowl of soup, a roll, some fruit, some sherbet and a hug is what made so many people smile including me.

Be at peace..pray often..don’t lose your integrity, your compassion, your courage..I fear a storm is coming but don’t forget the little people.

Hugs and love..

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