Day 317 It’s not always about ourselves…..

Today is Saturday. Today was my 11th visit with Matt at FCC Ashland.  Each time I see him, he seems more and more confident and determined to live out his life in a profound way. He still wants to be a human rights lawyer.
He told us today that he typed out a letter for an fellow inmate that went to Pres. Obama and the inmate received clemency.
You know, it takes a decent person to do something on behalf of another which results in freedom but not your own. I guess it’s not always about ourselves.
Matt’s future has exceedingly harsh and cruel conditions. My hope is one day some brave and compassionate person will step up to help him out when he has to face the continuing injustice.
Today, I watched him tear up as another young inmate held on tightly to his grandmother. He told me that he will work hard to become someone who can help others like the guys he sees who have horrible draconian sentences.
Today I saw the crowds of women marching all over this country and the world. I was truly astounded. This is democracy at work.
The next 4 years are going to be a challenge to say the least.

Honesty and integrity will be hard to come by so we will have to look hard for them and make certain we maintain those character traits ourselves.

Peace and blessings..❤❤

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