Day 316 Regroup and get to work

Today is Friday. Today, I have travelled to northern Kentucky to see Matt tomorrow. Okay, the inauguration is over. We have our 45th president.
Today, I won’t cry, I won’t mourn, I won’t descend into despair. Today, I will resolve to keep my integrity, my beliefs, my passions intact and I will continue try to do what I know is right and honourable to the best of my ability because I am not perfect.😏
I will continue to defend my son and others.
I have been advised until I am ill about giving “the guy” a chance. I think the system is broken. I will focus on those at the local level where changes are possible.
I am not interested in whining, complaining, railing or namecalling. I need to regroup and get to work.
Some days loving the idiots is really a struggle, but I believe it is the key like Dr. King preached.

Get out there people and be a change for good..lives depend on it.❤

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