Day 314 I can’t fix this it seems….

Today is Wednesday. Today, I wondered what it is I am missing. Today, I heard about torture on a news clip and how some very caring advocates are fighting for those who were tortured. Today, I tried to fathom how a young person could be drugged and abused to the point of needing emergency medical attention for tachycardia and a psychotic break. Today, I reviewed medical documents showing that Thorazine was used regularly on this young man and mixed with amphetamines which is an effective truth serum per a retired military officer and psychiatrist.
I recall the day when this young man broke down and struggled to breathe during an anxiety attack after describing a horrid situation where he was strapped into a submission chair, bagged and tasered.
Today, I remember the evening when this young man sobbed as he shared how he believed he was going to die after being thrown naked into a cell and having the bars raked so the noise would keep him from going to sleep. How he wasn’t allowed to eat or drink unless he swallowed pills he was coerced into taking.
Today, I wonder why no one would help launch an investigation and sue the perpetrators of this crime.
Today, I wonder why there is no outcry on his behalf. The UN recognized that the US does torture people but they totally ignored the pleas of this young man’s family to investigate.
Today, I wondered what is it I am missing, what haven’t I done to help this young man, my son.

Maybe there’s nothing more to be done. It is what it is. That makes me very sad, but I’m a mom and mom’s think they can fix things. Some things can’t be fixed.

My thoughts are also with Leonard Peltier. My heart is heavy for an innocent man who has spent 4 decades in prison and just may die in there.

Life is hard, life is fragile. Make sure you spread the kindness and love because you never know the road someone has walked and the terrors they may have faced.

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