Day 313 Chelsea and more..

Today is Tuesday. Today, many believed that a commutation of Chelsea Manning’s sentence would be highly improbable and then, the unexpected happened. President Obama commuted Chelsea’s sentence. The response on Twitter was huge. Matt called me from prison to tell me. We both cried. We cried because we were so happy for this young person to be given her life back. We also cried because my son is still in prison and labelled.
I have to say I am sincerely proud that President Obama stood against a bunch of very hard hearted and cruel people from both parties to do this. I applaud him for commuting Chelsea’s sentence because it was the right thing to do.
Today, I feel like I have been on an emotional roller coaster. In all of this, I will not stop encouraging, praying and supporting those who still need their freedom. And yes, I will continue to be grateful for Chelsea, who has suffered so much, to walk freely in the sunshine. May is a great month for that..:)
Thank you, Matt, for rushing to tell me the good news and keeping the pain to yourself. I am your mom and I know what you were feeling because I was feeling it, too.
One day….I still have hope.
Good night sweet Chelsea. Only a few more months.

peace my friends…:)

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