Day 312 MLK and more…

Today is Monday. Today, January 16, 2017, is the third Monday in January to honour Martin Luther King, jr. Tonight, I went for a walk in the rain and just thought about great men like Dr. King. I thought about the character, the passion, the love for people. I thought about sacrifice, commitment, and peaceful protest. I thought about weeping, pain, persecution and death.
I thought about a gov’t that would go so far as to try and smear Dr. King with sexual allegations, destroy his character, his family, his life. What’s changed in the almost 50 years after his death?
I walked in the rain and I thought about evil people. Wouldn’t it be something if they all melted like the witch in the Wizard of OZ? Sadly, these evil people will go on destroying, smearing, persecuting and killing those who get in their way.
Tonight, I think about all the people who have been smeared, their character assaulted, their lives turned upside down.
So, for Jeremy Hammond, activist, who was said to be “worse than a sexual predator;,” Julian Assange, activist and journalist, labelled as a rapist; Brian D. Hill, journalist, labelled a sex offender, Matthew DeHart, activist, labelled a sex offender, you are in great company with Dr. King.
I salute those living today with false labels and imprisonment for telling the truth. I think Dr. King would be proud of you. You cared more about protecting others than yourselves. That is how I remember Dr. King. He cared so much about others. Love is the answer but it doesn’t come without great cost.

peace my friends…:)

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