Day 310 Rep. John Lewis

Today is Saturday. Today, I listened again to Rep. John Lewis’ speech he made during the questioning period regarding Jeff Sessions who is being considered for appointment as Attorney General.
I was brought to tears. Never in my white life will I ever fully comprehend how badly a black man or woman has been or is now treated in this country. Mr. Lewis marched from Selma to Montgomery with the late Martin Luther King and suffered brutally at the hands of those who arrested, beat and persecuted the marchers.
All because people wanted to be recognized as such and be given the right to partcipate and vote in our so called democracy.
What makes one human being look at another human being and consider him less than a dog based on skin colour?
My son has seen this in a number of jails but even more so in the nasty jail of Bowling Green Kentucky.
He said it is like a sickness of the soul. He watched others treat a black man, Steven, as if the man was a roach to be treated with revulsion and stomped dead.
Matt rarely gets mad, but when he does…
He gave up his prized bunk to Steven and slept on the floor with the spiders angering the others in his dungeon just to irritate the hell out of the racists and make a point.
Matt didn’t particularly find Steven a stellar individual but he said if you are going to dislike someone, it should be because of their actions not because of skin colour or religion or gender.
I appreciate John Lewis and his convictions. I would be honoured to shake the hand of a man who has suffered much.
I would love for him to meet my son.
I will never know the pain like he has suffered for being a different colour than I. But, I can stand beside people like him against those who are racist.
Today, I thought about Jesus who was most likely not white. How would people here treat Him today?

Thank you, John Lewis, for your powerful words and your powerful example.

Peace my friends..❤🌹

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