Day 306 Result of Racism

Today is Tuesday. Today, I saw the verdict for Dylann Roof. He was found guilty of hate crimes against the 9 souls he murdered. Somehow, I do not believe those Christians who have gone home are celebrating the fact that this young man may get the death penalty. I suspect, they may be more grievous of a society that produces a young man like Dylann.
I do not support the death penalty for any reason even though I am horrified to say that it is probably more merciful than the inhumane treatment of most prisons in this country.
This young man fired his lawyers, who were most likely ineffectual anyway, and refused to defend himself. This course of action leads me to believe that deep down inside he knew the outcome and accepted his punishment or he’s mentally deranged.
I studied a picture of this young man, just 22. How could so much hatred course through the veins of someone so young?
But, then I look at some of the choices for leadership in the government and it’s not hard to to answer that question at all.
I went to South Carolina last summer and I stopped by the AME Church to pause and remember those who had lost their lives. I saw the quilts that had been sent in expressing love and support for the incredible loss. I also went through the “slave market” which now houses vendors who sell their wares. To think that human beings had been bought and sold a hundred years ago was very disturbing to me and made me physically ill. I think the market should be razed to the ground.

Today, I spoke with Matt for longer than a few minutes since his allotment for minutes renewed. His thoughts were for Chelsea. He prayed on the phone that President Obama would be moved to give Chelsea her freedom.

You’re a good man, Matt.

peaces my friends…:)

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