Day 305 When Fear Comes…

Today is Monday.  Today, I read another brilliant article by Chris Hedges.  I will share the link at the end of this post.  I hope my providing this information is no more than just that.  It is an opportunity to get educated and be “wise for the times.”

I do not despair.  I have become more resolved to do the right thing and watch out for others.

Here is an excerpt from Hedges’ article, When Fear Comes:

“The traditional image of arrest is also what happens afterward, when the poor victim has been taken away,” Solzhenitsyn writes. “It is an alien, brutal, and crushing force totally dominating the apartment for hours on end, a breaking, ripping one, pulling from the walls, emptying things from wardrobes and desks onto the floor, shaking, dumping out, and ripping apart—piling up mountains of litter on the floor—and the crunch of things being trampled beneath jackboots. And nothing is sacred in a search! During the arrest of locomotive engineer Inoshin, a tiny coffin stood in his room containing his newly dead child. The ‘jurists’ dumped the child’s body out of the coffin and searched it. They shake sick people out of their sickbeds, and they unwind bandages to search beneath them.”

I can attest to the “nothing is sacred in a search.”  My home was torn apart.  My little pug dog was kicked in the face by a “jackboot”.  Used latex gloves were strewn everywhere.  My cabinets were opened and emptied.  My bureau draws were emptied.  All of our electronics were taken and dumped in black plastic bags.

The article ends with some very profound and wise words from Solzhenitsyn. And if you are not sure who this man was; Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn was a Soviet and Russian novelist, dramatist, and historian. Through his writings he helped to make the world aware of the Gulag, the Soviet Union’s forced labor camp system.

“Rub your eyes and purify your heart—and prize above all else in the world those who love you and who wish you well. Do not hurt them or scold them, and never part from any of them in anger; after all, you simply do not know: it might be your last act before your arrest, and that will be how you are imprinted in their memory!”

Read the 2 page article.  As I said, history always repeats itself.  It’s prudent to learn about it.

peace dear friends…..

ps…got a great letter from Matt encouraging me.  He said my brother was in prison like him, only Lee was imprisoned in a damaged brain and body.  Matt said Lee was released and he is free now…:)

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