Day 303 Pay Attention

Today is Saturday. Today, I buried my brother. Today, I am grateful for family. Today, I am grateful that I have brothers.

Today, I want to talk about the Laura Flanders show I saw last night. She had two guests, the Hochschilds, Adam and his wife Arlie. Adam is the author of many books, but his most recent, Spain in Our Hearts, is the book he spoke about. He interviewed older Americans who fought in the Spanish American war and journalists who covered the war.

The most interesting part of his discussion was comparing the 1930’s steeped in economic woes and the rise of Nationalism to today. His insight showed how there are patterns that contribute to the rise of demagogues like Mussolini, Hitler and Franco and, these demagogues employ the same methods:

1) Put your trust in him. He will make our country great again. Don’t worry about the details. He will take care of those.
2) Blame the problems on outside groups. Make some groups responsible for the country’s ills and poor economy.
3) Appeal to the glorious past: women knew their place then. Women should be seen and not heard.

History always repeats itself if you are not paying attention. It is something to give serious thought to.

Some ways to educate yourself about what is going on in the world is to expand your venues of information. Let me suggest that you give a listen to the Laura Flanders show and Democracy Now on Free Speech TV. These are not corporate media. Read Truthdig, The Intercept, and WikiLeaks; alternate media that are not corporately owned. Compare what you are hearing/reading with the major mainstream media sources to these alternate publicly funded sources.. I suspect you will begin to see for yourself.

Tomorrow’s post: How can one decipher between real and fake news.

My son is down on his minutes, but I still was able to get “I love you” and “be at peace” in before we had to end the call.

So, I say to you…much love and be at peace….:)

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