Day 302 Friday frustration..

Today is Friday. Today, I wrote a very long piece and lost the entire thing. OMG if I am not over the top frustrated at this point. Perhaps it’s grief. I like to write when I am sad, angry or frustrated. Not that I don’t like to write when I am happy but I seem to pour out a bit more and with passion.
So, at this point in time, I will rewrite my piece this weekend. I want to share something I saw on the Laura Flanders show.
Tonight, I just want to say a personal thanks to some friends out there in the cloud who watch my back and warn me when malicious people want to harm.
So, I will just gather myself, be grateful that I heard from my son, saw my other brothers who are here for tomorrow’s funeral, and get to spend a quiet Friday night with Paul.

Peace and love my friends…:)

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