Day 297 No more..

Today is Sunday. Today is New Years. Today, I made a promise that I am going to be more vocal about the archaic Adam Walsh Law and the sex offender’s registry. I am hearing even more stories about how this law has been used as a tool to punish people this law was never intended to punish.

Why a registry? Are we saying that putting someone in decades if prison is not enough? We want to dehumanize, punish and destroy these people? What about all the people who are innocent?

So sending an inappropriate picture to a friend should get an 18 year old decades of prison and then labelled a pariah for decades or life depending on the state?

I just read about a 17 year old sleeping with a 14 year old. Okay, yeah, I’m going to jump out there and say that’s not okay. But prison?! Sex offender’s registry? Seriously?!!!

Do you realize the Feds will not warn young people rhat 18 year olds can go to prison for a very long time if they receive from or send inappropriate pics to a 17 year old. It’s considered child porn. If sent by the 18 year old, the Feds consider that know like making movies of little get my meaning and it is nothing alike.

I am fired up because the Feds aren’t interested in protecting children or this would be a huge deal with education. Its about money and the prison industry.

It is so easy to use child porn as a weapon against people one doesn’t like. Did you realize the FBI runs 24 child porn sites. Let that sink in.

More to come.


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