Day 288 Amazing Grace

Today is Friday. Today, I had the wonderful privilege of seeing and experiencing some amazing acts of grace.
A dear friend works to help a young woman from a terrorized country become a student at CUNY. She is here safe and sound.
An answered prayer for a woman who has been brutalized and victimized as she is given a place to live and a new job in the same day.
A small group of people decide that Paul and I should be with Matt at Christmas, so they took up a collection and sent us on our way to Kentucky.
I received a lovely gift from one if Matt’s supporters.
Another dear friend decided to trust me with very personal things in his life and I was humbled to hold his secrets. He put money on Matt’s commissary.
Several people across the world have shared words of courage and love to support me and my family.
Matt received a small pile of cards and 2 books from big hearted people.
I saw a man buy lottery tickets while I was waiting at a gas station to fill up my car and he handed them out to random strangers.
I could go on. It was an amazing grace kind of day..😁🎁

Let’s all try to be dispensers of kindness, grace and love. It’s a beautiful thing.

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