Day 287 Guitar

Today is Thursday. Today, I spent my entire day trying to encourage people who are suffering in one way or another. They have such baggage. I am so exhausted mentally.
Tonight, I am listening to Christmas music, mostly guitar. I love guitar music. I used to have an acoustic, a J45 (like Paul McCartney plays) and it was the sweetest sounding instrument. I loved sliding my fingers over the strings and caressing the beautiful dark wood.
When our little world crashed, I had to sell it to afford to pay for forensics in Matt’s case which were never done. I am not materialistic at all; but, I hurt to give up that guitar.
There is something calming and spiritual about music. It has a way of soothing the pain and quieting the storms that rage inside.
I am a big fan of the Eagles and America, so I often played those songs. I still have my songbooks…:)
So, for some of these dear souls, I prayed for them or with them. I suggested some of them listen to inspiring music, get a nice glass of wine and eat some chocolate…:)
Life is a journey. Some days it’s like trudging through the desert, thirsting for water and feeling like you can’t take one more step.
Even Matt was feeling tension. He’s been getting regular urine checks. They get him us at 5:30 in the morning to go pee in a cup. He doesn’t do drugs and never has. It unnerves him even though he knows his urine should test negative for drugs but it is a trigger reminding him of his torture.
I encourage him to listen to music and relax himself with prayer. It works well for him.

Be at peace my friends…ahh good friends are like beautiful guitar music…:)

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