Day 283 Dragon sickness

Today is Sunday. Tonight, Paul and I watched the third part of the “Hobbit” movie, The Battle of the Five Armies.
Thorin Oakenshield is the dwarf king, who has reclaimed his home, Erebor, a mountain fortress filled with gold and treasure beyond measure.
I couldn’t help but see a metaphor for the one percent. Thorin refuses to part with even one gold coin of the dwarves’ gold even though part of the wealth belonged to the people of Laketown, who were hungry, poor and bereft of a home after being destroyed by Smaug, a gold obsessed dragon.
I thought, “Does not Thorin represent those millionaires and billionaires who turn their backs on those who struggle, those who have little or nothing in this life?”
Gandalf tells Bilbo that the evil desire for gold is dragon sickness.
I have watched over the years as rich politicians, who pretend to speak for the people, lie, cheat, and steal because they have lost what makes us humane. Instead they have become monsters enslaved to obscene greed.
A charity meant to take care of the impoverished is but a mere disguise for funneling enormous wealth for personal use.
Struggling communities and businesses are fleeced and when the good people rise up against the graft, they are sued or imprisoned.
Then there are the sycophants, who under the banner of religion, work hard to cut funding for children and the weakest of society. They help connive laws to incarcerate millions making money off the misery of others. They support a justice system that reeks of corruption and the stench of destroying lives.
Dragon sickness will look at the 99 percent as cheap fodder to exloit for personal gain. It will corrupt the heart, bereft the soul of compassion and mercy, and it will lead to deceit, hatred and often times murder. It will destroy what is good, what is noble and as Bilbo said dragon sickness destroys honour.

Matt tells me he maybe poor when it come to finances but he feels rich because he is loved.

Peace my friends..guard your hearts with love.


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