Day 279 Overdosing on laughter

Today is Wednesday. Today, I received a letter from an incarcerated man who has become good friends with my son. He is in his fifties and has kids of his own. He wanted to thank Paul and me for raising an “incredible human being.”
Oh my gosh, I cried through the entire letter.
This gentleman said that if laughter is God’s medicine for the heart, then Matt makes him feel like he’s overdosing. He told me that he has not met anyone quite like my son.
I think the world is becoming a rougher and more violent place for the decent, the caring and those with integrity. That just means we have to keep being the kind of people that rise above and be true to ourselves.
I can’t spend time with my son, but I am happy for those who get to share in his great sense of humour and his humanity.
I miss you, Matt. I am really proud of you. One day, all of those who betrayed you and did you dirty will reap their own kind of justice. In the meantime, keep laughing and taking care of those around you who are suffering, especially this time of year.


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