Day 278 People are more important than stuff…

Today is Tuesday. Today, I spent most of the day drawing Christmas cards for most of my peeps who are incarcerated. Today, someone asked me when I was going to put my Christmas tree up. “When my son gets home,” I told the person.
Today, a lady where I bank asked me if I was going Christmas shopping. I don’t go Christmas shopping. I like to give to charities my time and any funds I can scrape up and bake up a storm for people.
No, I am not trying to make myself look like a saint. I have just learned that people are more important than stuff. I have quit the “consumer train” for a long time.
Stuff, it is not what dreams are made of. Love, connection, feeling needed, being able to be a positive influence and helping others to get a leg up in this world are what dreams are made of.
Today, I brought lunch to older lady who is housebound. I listened to a dear friend who just lost somebody important in her life and I recently donated to a young person’s college fund.
These are little things. But, oh how important the little things are to people who struggle in this life.
I see a storm coming and I hope I am encouragement to those around me to get out and make a difference in others’ lives. Stuff won’t comfort or stand up for us when we need support, it will be some of the people we have taken care of.

Blessings and peace..:)

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