Day 274 The last 3 minutes

Today is Friday. Today, I received a call from Matt as I do pretty much every evening and I am tremendously grateful for that.
Today, he was down to his last 3 minutes before his new set of minutes kick in for the month. It’s really strange but I try to pack as much encouragement and words of love in those last few minutes because in the back of my mind, I think what if this is the last time I ever speak to my son. What if tomorrow comes and he is gone. I know it’s silly, perhaps stupid, but when you see and hear of the things that happen to journalists and activists, it’s not so farfetched. As a matter of fact, there are black ops going on all over the world and in this country.
Today, I spent time talking to a mom of a journalist and a journalist who is a mom. One had a daughter who was murdered for discovering some terrible truths that a very powerful gov’t did not like. (Clue, the gov’t was not Russia). The other has sought asylum because her country and this particular powerful gov’t sought to persecute her for exposing corruption.
I remember during the Vietnam era when exposing war crimes and the corruption of politicians was considered noble. Now, if you expose war crimes and corruption, you are labelled, put in prison and marginalized. I wonder where are all those people today who support the whistleblowers and truthtellers. I wonder why a Chelsea Manning has to endure a long prison sentence for taking a stand against murder and corruption. I wonder why a Marty Gottesfeld is facing 25 years for exposing abuse at a children’s hospital. I wonder why my son had to take a plea for a fabricated crime and suffer a sex offender’s registry because of gov’t corruption. I wonder why Brian Hill had child porn planted on him because he dared to challenge the legality of the NDAA. I wonder why Barrett Brown had to spend over 4 years in prison for his investigative journalism. I wonder why Jeffrey Sterling is in prison based on no real evidence, only hearsay. I wonder why Jeremy Hammond is doing 10 years for exposing absolute evil.

I don’t like what we’ve become.  I don’t like seeing good people suffer at the hands of evil people.

I look forward to hearing my son’s voice tomorrow.

peace my friends….


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