Day 271 Love has wings

Today is Tuesday. Today, I realized again for the umpteenth time how incredibly blessed one can be.
Today, someone sent me a song and her love across the waves to Matt, Paul and me.
Today, someone who has been writing Matt decided to have a star named after him as a Christmas gift. She wants to send him flowers and wrote the prison to inquire if it could be possible.
Today, a friend, half way across the world gave me another bit of advice to keep my family safe.
I sat and sobbed. The beautiful acts of kindness and displays of love just took me to my knees.
I am overwhelmed because we have lost people who we believed in our hearts would have stood with us, but others from all over the world have reached out to us. I am overwhelmed because my son who felt toxic after heinously being smeared has been supported, encouraged and loved.
Today, I am so very thankful that we can scrape up enough money every month and put it on Matt’s account so we can talk every day for a few minutes and so Matt can buy stamps to encourage those who write him.
One of the many supporters I follow mentioned on a radio show that love is so important to fixing the problems in this world.
It is so awe inspiring to be on the receiving end of love and kindness. What a force for good, a healing for hatred and war, a balm of sweetness for those suffering.
I am crying again as I write this. I am blessed to share with those who have such kind loving hearts.
Love has wings.  It soars above the earth from one heart and finds a place in another’s.  And when it has filled its puroose, it takes wing again to find another heart.

Love my friends..💝💝

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