Day 267 Veterans

Today is Friday.  Today, I read about 2000 veterans going to Standing Rock and placing themselves as human shields to protect the water protectors from violent actions perpetrated by militarized law enforcement.

Today, I felt proud if my fellow veterans for taking a stand, for protecting citizens, for protecting the sacred.

I spoke with Matt and we talked about the deep respect the guards have for those who have served.  How far have we fallen when corporations can manipulate law enforcement to wage war on the people they have sworn an oath to protect and serve.

Do these people not take oaths any more?  Are they nothing more than mindless boots with guns?

To all the law enforcement out there who have integrity and follow a moral code..I salute you and I pray that you will remain true and courageous standing up when your peers have lost the moral highground.

Peace..will we ever see it?

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