Day 295 Share

Today is Friday.  Today, I started exercising hard again.  My son, who is an only child, gets a bit anxious about his parents keeping healthy and fit.  We are a very close family.  It’s always been the 3 of us, sort of like the musketeers…:)  We are each others’ encourager, defender, back watcher and buddy.

Matt is sick.  There is a virus going around that is causing an upper respiratory infection.  Paul and I have already dealt with it.  I have advised Matt to drink lots of liquids, wash his hands regularly and take care of himself.  It seems most of the guys there have been hit up with the nasty stuff.

So, I did 5 miles of biking in 37 minutes.  That is not a record by no means but it did get my heart rate up.  I’ve been juicing more, too.  I am a big kale fan, which, by the way, is a great super food.  I also substituted my pasta for spiraled zucchini today.  Wow, was it good.

Way off the subject, I read how Canada has a problem with Syrian refugees.  There are too many families that want to help and not enough refugees.  I just love Canadian people.  Already 35,000 refugees have been taken in.

In case people forget, Jesus was a refugee.  His parents were relegated to a dirty stable where He was born.  He was poor while on this earth and He didn’t own His own home.  You could say He was homeless.  As a Christian, how do I rate?  Well, the fact is I am grateful for everything I have and I should be sharing with those who don’t have very much.

If you are a believer, then you know that one day we will have to answer for how we shared what God has given us.  Let’s be hysterically generous..:)

peace my friends…

Day 294 Dignity

Today is Thursday. Today, the weather has turned cold. Today, Matt is suffering from a bad cold but at least he can get hot tea and honey.
Today, we spoke about dignity. That is an important subject for Matt. He has issues when people are denied their dignity, their humanity.
He often refers to the time when he was in Oklahoma and inmates would be bagged, strapped to a submission chair and then wheeled past the cells. Every now and then the subdued inmate would be tazed. Those perpetrating this torture ( and yes, this qualifies as torture), would use is this barbarism as a means to intimidate and frighten the other inmates. It gave the perpetrators a sense of cruel superiority and power.
For Matt, 2017 is the year of dignity.

Jesus said to treat others how we would want to be treated.

Peace dear friends..❤

Day 293 We weren’t meant to do this alone

Today is Wednesday. Today, I went to see my brother, the guitarist, the brain injured, the imprisoned in a nursing facility. He is not doing well. His health is declining and I suspect he will leave this world soon. Today, I was thankful to be able to spend some time with him. On the way to see him, I noticed some people who looked as though life was one huge struggle for them.

We Weren’t Meant to do This Alone

Seen a man panning on the old street corner
Looking hard, unwashed and his clothes wearing too big
Blue eyes reach out and plead for a hand
Saying when will I have my dignity, respectability, humanity
Do you see me? Do you see me?
We weren’t meant to do this alone.

Seen a woman running orders for a hole in the wall
Single mom lost her face and her figure to no sleep, little drink
Red eyes reach out and plead for a hand
Saying when will I have my dignity, respectability, humanity
Do you see me? Do you see me?
We weren’t meant to do this alone.

Seen a man in trouble sitting crying in cold small cell
No money, pleading out, threatened that he’ll lose his family
Scared eyes reach out and plead for a hand
Saying when will I have my dignity, respectability, humanity
Do you see me? Do you see me?
We weren’t meant to do this alone.

You walk past in your well fed suit thinking about the Dow today
While they only have the bad air to breathe and a sidewalk bed
You drop a coin on the table because you despise breaking a bill
As she wonders how she will feed her three kids and a stray cat
Your leather briefcase is monogrammed like the back of your Rolex
And he gets 5 minutes of your counsel because you’re too damn busy

Seen some people oppressed and struggling.
Eyes reach out and plead for a hand
Shouting when will we have our dignity, respectability, humanity
Do you see us? Do you see us?
We weren’t meant to do this alone.

To all of us who pass by those whose eyes tell us about suffering, let’s be that small beam of sunlight that appears suddenly piercing the heavy misshapen clouds and shines warmth and colour amidst the gray.

peace my friends…love lights a way.

Day 292 What a year…

Today is Tuesday. Today, Carrie Fisher, the iconic Princess Leia, passed away at age 60. Just the day before, George Michael left this world at 53. In 2016 we have seen Prince, David Bowie, Glen Frey, Alan Rickman, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Patti Duke, Arnold Palmer, Janet Reno, Fidel Castro, Alan Thicke, Greg Lake and the Russian military choir die. Most of these people were in there 60’s.
For most of them, their talent will be missed; but not only that, George Michael was an incredible philanthropist and Carrie Fisher spoke out for the mentally ill.
Many of these people were part of some of our history. We related to the Star Wars movies, shows like Family Ties and to bands like Wham, Emerson,Lake & Palmer, and the Eagles.
This was also a year that so many unknown people have died. I think of the thousand Yemenis, the people in Syria, the recent deaths in Berlin. Maybe these people are not famous, but that doesn’t mean their lives are any less important.
What a year for tremendous sadness. What a year so many incarcerated were not pardoned or sentences commuted. What a year when racism, misogyny and fear mongering becomes centre stage and celebrated. What a year when the rights we pretended to have are really going to be eradicated.
But, wanting to end on a positive note: What a year for the water protectors in North Dakota and the veterans who came to join them. What a year in that Barrett Brown was released from prison. What a year my favorite publishers released gobs of documents. What a year that the DeHarts were able to spend an entire Christmas weekend together as a family.

We can’t lose hope. We can’t give up. We have to work harder, love stronger, speak louder and stand taller for 2017.

peace my friends..:)

Day 291 Don’t we all matter?

Today is Monday. Today, I found myself absolutely gobsmacked. Can you imagine someone deciding that because a person isn’t living a “quality” life in someone’s opinion, then the person should just die and get it over with. Does that sound like Scrooge to you.
Today, I put together bags for the homeless. Did you know in Dallas the cops not only take away blankets and sleeping bags from the homeless, they are now taking away food from the homeless.
I have a tendency to write poetry when I’m emotionally out of sorts. I wrote these lyrics several years ago. They seem appropriate:

Under an Irish Rain (lyrics)

(I’m not invisible under an Irish rain) whispered.

Ooh I’m standing here
But you don’t see me
My lips are moving
But you just keep on walking by
I feel like I’m slowly disappearing
Oh God my fear is
I’m dead and I’m the last to know

(I’m not invisible under an Irish rain)

Nobody is my name
Cut me do I bleed air?
Is love really blind
Can you see, do you care?
So I wonder if I’m real
A figment of your imagination
An echo that you don’t hear


A splash of smile
A ray of red
Pools of green
Sweet misty kiss to cure the pain
I’m not invisible
I’m not untouchable
I’m not invisible under and Irish rain.

Rain gives me life
Rain gives me drink
I walk beside and not behind
I am one with the rain
Won’t let me slip away
I’m not invisible
I’m not untouchable
I’m not invisible under and Irish rain.

copyright June 2009 Leann DeHart

Peace my friends..❤🎄🎁

Day 290 Today is Christmas

Today is Sunday. Today is Christmas. Today, I spent a second day with Matt. Today, Paul and I talked about how proud we are of Matt. We are proud that he has maintained the same honourable character when he could be so angry and bitter. Instead, he focuses on others and how he can help and encourage them.
Today, we all decided that this is most important thing we can do.
Today, I heard the news about the lives lost, the Alexandrov choir. Their plane went down in the Black Sea. What a heartbreaking tragedy.
Today I wondered what God is thinking when He sees the wars and the incredible devastation and death of so many people.
A child of peace came so many years ago and men still wage wars.
Today, we aren’t promised tomorrow.
But, today is Christmas. Today, I wish you peace in your heart.

Much love..❤🎄🎁

Day 289 Matt for Christmas

Today is Saturday. Tonight is Christmas Eve. My heart is so full. I had the privilege of spending time with my sweet son again.
I know for some this season can be so difficult. I wish I could reach across the miles and touch my friends who are lonely and sad. I want to hug you and tell you that you are always in my heart.
Today, I sat across from Matt and he had tears in his eyes. He said he felt at peace. He said that sometimes we are warred upon because of the evil in this world, but in spite of the injustices, he felt blessed to be with his parents.
I was in a prison today and I couldn’t think of any other place I would rather be.
I saw a three year old girl whose face lit up brighter than lights on a Christmas tree wben her daddy came into the rec room. He hugged her and a tear rolled down his cheek.
My heart goes out to the millions of incarcerated and their familes.
There is no greater present in this world than love. In my faith I am thankful to the One named Jesus who came into this world and loved.
My love to you this Christmas and may peace fill your hearts.