Day 263 Rain

Today is Monday. Today it rained nearly all day and it is still raining.

It’s Raining…..

It rains on the just and the unjust whenever it rains, indiscriminately it rains

It rains on the window, behind velvet drapes, little princess sleeping in a Cinderella bed

It rains on the child silent under Aleppo rubble as two ragged parents cry out in pain

It rains on the old man lying under cardboard in London’s alleyways unwashed, unfed

It rains on the silver jet of the CEO who flies 5OO miles for a dinner, upscale soiree

It rains on her shiny black skin as she carries a pot of water on her head walking the dusty road

It rains on the red man as he fights another day to keep his existence safe and live free

It rains on the politician greed in his pockets, lies on his lips, soul has already been sold

It rains on the barred windows of a tiny cell, despair is a tsunami that swallows her entirely

It rains on the rich, it rains on the poor, it rains on the merciful, it rains on the cruel

It rains on the lovers, it rains on haters, it rains on the humble, it rains on the proud

It rains on the peacemakers, it rains on the warmongers, it rains on you and it rains on me

It rains.

Please send up thoughts and prayers for a friend of mine who is in that tsunami of despair.  She could use them.

peace my friends….


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