Day 262 Friend

Today is Sunday. Today, Matt called. He seemed upbeat and he talked about being encouraged by a friend he has made there.
When Matt was transferred to maximum security in Lindsay Canada, he was in a section with mostly immigration detainees.
He was surprised to find out that the guys knew all about him. They had heard from an inmate who had eventually been released and had spent some time with Matt that my son was someone to be respected and trusted. They were told that Matt was the “real deal” in terms of being a Christian. They said Matt had a heart for people like Jesus.
Matt met a young man a couple of years younger, who watched out for him. This young man served the food and was the last to get locked into his cell. Whenever there were lockdowns for extended periods of time, this young man would call me to let me know my son was okay.
Matt and his friend spent hours praying together, encouraging the other guys, and playing monopoly.
When Matt was deported, this young man would call me and cry. I sent him funds, wrote him regularly, and I even went to visit him because his mother lived in Alberta; too far to visit.
I had the wonderful privilege of seeing him when he was released. We hugged for a long long time. Paul and I gave him money to help him in the halfway house. He is like another son of mine.
He was my son’s best friend in prison. His name is Harun. He is a handsome Ethiopian with rich dark skin, beautiful long dreds and he is a Muslim.
I love him and I miss him.

Jesus said, “You shall know them by their love.” If you are preaching racism, hatred toward a culture or religious group..then you are following someone but it’s not Jesus.

Peace my friends…

One thought on “Day 262 Friend

  1. Elizabeth L November 29, 2016 / 6:54 am

    Your posts are something I look forward to every day. You help me to remember no matter what struggles we face we must be kind to others. Even through the hardships your family faces, you reach out to those in need. Amazing!!!

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