Day 234 Riches, monster to humanity…

Today is Sunday. Today, I received my evening call from Matt. He sounded cheerful even amidst the troubles that surround us all. What a nightmarish election year, eh?

He asked for issues of Life Magazine from the 1950’s and 60’s. He is looking at the past and what people focused on compared to our current times.

How far we have come, how far we have fallen from our original goals toward humanity. The love of money will do that. It will sacrifice morals, ethics and lives for the accumulation of great wealth.


Riches and poverty that’s the only line drawn amongst us
Each side fears the other for some reasons
Know one thing and understand both
Riches can never buy everything in this world
Poverty doesn’t also put you at the lower end
Know the strengths and weakness to beat your enemy
The world can accommodate and there is still more vacancies left
Tell a friend to tell a friend, spread the talk
Don’t break the chain of communication
None can survive without the other
We need each other, can’t you see?
Greed will kill our generations
Hate will be turned into bitterness
Learn to show the world that we are one
Though we are divided, lets stand tall together
Riches and poverty your a monster to humanity

Copyright © ENOCK SANG | Year Posted 2015

Peace my friends…go spread some kindness…:)

Day 233 Pirates….arrrrhhh

Today is Saturday. Today, I have been awaiting the election results in Iceland. If the Pirates win, it will be a first for a any nation. What a thrilling time. How exciting it must be to have multiple parties that represent the populace. How grievous it is that I live in a country of 300 million people and we are stuck with a corrupt binary system; two parties that don’t represent most Americans.

I talked with Matt today and he was eager to hear the election results, but the votes are still being counted.

All the best Pirates…Arrrhhhhh!

I ordered some old Life magazines for him. He wanted to see the stories and advertisements from the 50″s. One of the covers had Eisenhower on it. I ordered 4; 2 from 1950; 1 from 1955 and 1 from 1960.

My little autistic friend loves Rick Riordan books so I ordered a boxed set for him today. He was moved from Bowling Green (dump) to TN. He is able to have a radio and receive more books. He said he even gets pizza. Trust me, that is a big deal after the last place he was at.

Matt, on the other hand, had baked fish and fresh greens. As I said before, the prison has a new Food Services person who thinks the inmates should eat better and healthier. Sometimes it only takes one good person to make a change that affects many people.

Be at peace my friends. Go do something kind; you just might me that one person who makes a big difference in a life or maybe even more..:)

Day 232 Water is life

Today is Friday. Today, I watched a media clip about the conflict regarding the Dakota pipiline and the horrible abuse the Native Americans enduring to protect their water.
How is it that human beings with badges feel empowered to mistreat other human beings?
The Natives are singing, praying and using themselves as barriers with no weapons. On the other hand, the police are armed like soldiers going to war and theybring tanks.
The cops are working on behalf of the oil company instead of protecting the people they are sworn to serve or is that a farce?
How do you sic a dog on a child? How do you shoot a child on horseback and then shoot his horse? How do you spray mace indisciminately? How do you shoot and old woman with beanbags? How do you beat someome so hard you break their bones?
The people in Bismark(non-Natve) didn’t want the pipeline by their city. Hey, it might pollute the water. But let’s build it near the Natives. Who the hell cares about their water or their rights.
If you don’t think we’ve become a police state for corporations…think again.
My prayers go up for the whole tragic and immoral situation.

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Day 231 spewing anger and vicious namecalling=great waste of time

Today is Thursday. Today I served at our local community table. We fed about 100 people tonight. It was great seeing kids with big smiles and telling us how much they liked the meal.
There are so many angry folks out there. There are so many spewing hate and nastiness. It’s good to step off and spend time with people who don’t have much and an act of kindness is a big deal.
I know that we as human beings are never going to agree with everything, but the viciousness and name calling is disturbing. And it isn’t enough to share it once, it has to be repeated over and over.
What a great waste of energy. Okay, just vent, get it over with and move on to something positive. There are too many people out there hurting, suffering and needing compassion and kindness.
Something to consider; there are those who stir people up to anger in order to distract from the real issues at hand.
Calm down and go do some good for someone.

Peace friends….

Day 230 The angel and the witch

Today is Wednesday. Today, I had lunch with an older woman. I’ve gone to lunch too many times with this woman and every time without fail, she viciously criticizes the wait staff and today she even spewed her nasty comments at the cook. The restaurant was full and this woman does not have a soft voice.

I asked myself today after mentally crawling out from under the table, why I accompany her. I watched her eat a perfectly good sandwich and she scowled during every bite. She made unkind remarks to nobody in particular and I noticed the looks from nearby diners.

The cook, who felt compelled to bring her a free dessert of just baked pumpkin cookies was rewarded with. “I don’t like pumpkin. I don’t eat anything with pumpkin in it.”

I ate the delicious cookies myself in silence. After we had finished our meal which felt like weeks instead of an hour, the older woman paid for both hers and my lunches. When presented with the check, she balked and complained that the meal certainly wasn’t worth it. The young woman at the cash register, who had been our waitress, smiled. She has been our waitress the last few times we had dined there.

I am going to make her a quilted pillow with a picture of an angel on it, because only an angel could deal positively with a cranky nasty person like this woman.

What have I taken away from this unpleasant event today? I don’t ever want to treat people like dirt under my shoe and kindness goes a very long way. I told Paul when I get old, if I ever act like that, I want him to take me out back, whack me with a shovel and bury me. There is no excuse other than brain damage to behave like that.

My son and his father think I’m a sweet person. I hope I never let them down.

Peace my friends…go spread some good will and kindness…

Day 229 Michael Moore’s documentary

Today is Tuesday. Today, I had the chance of watching one of Michael Moore’s documentaries entitled “Where to invade next.”

He travels around to countries like Slovenia, Norway, Portugal and Tunisia to talk about education and prisons. I was so blown away. All of the beautiful ideas that these countries employ originally came from America. How grievous that we do not follow the great ideas that were once espoused.

In Portugal, the police emphasized human dignity and how they used that as the goal when dealing with people in their custody. OMG if that isn’t beautiful.

In Norway, the kids only go to school for 20 hours a week because teachers believed they need to play and have a part in deciding their education.

In Slovenia as well as most European countries, university education is free. And according to American students who take advantage of these overseas schools, they say the education is so much better and on a higher learning level.

Mr Moore ended his documentary with 3 women CEO”s from Iceland. He asked them what message did they want to give to Americans. One woman said she would never live here because how could one go home at night knowing there were so many people and children suffering in this country. Icelanders believe in taking care of each other.

I cried. Our society has become so toxic. How do we detox?

Peace my friends.

Day 228 Pollution

Today is Monday. Today, Matt read me an article that southern Indiana is the most polluted area in the entire country. Unfortunately, there are so many coal power plants here. The Ohio River is also the most polluted river in the country. Wow, what a claim to fame, eh?

The State of Maryland is up in arms because the weather brings the coal plant pollution to as far away as Maryland. I mentioned that to a few folks in my town today. The answer I received was basically, “Tough, tell Maryland to get over it. Tell them to buy a fan.”

I was sad because obviously they don’t care enough about themselves, their kids, nor their grandkids’ health. One of my relatives now has a lung condition because of the pollution.

In this state, you get grief if you speak out against coal because of the companies that are making billions off the coal industry and the people who are propagandized that somehow coal is clean energy.

Why is it a crime to want to keep our planet and its air clean? Why do people not want better for themselves and others? I’m still trying to figure this out.

Peace my friends….

Day 227 filling our heads with good stuff

Today is Sunday.  Today, I watched a Canadian program “Murdoch Mysteries.”

Paul and I rarely watch American programming because of the idiocy and violence porn.  I get physically ill at the propaganda law enforcement series that dominate the stations as well as the moronic reality tv shows.

Matt called this evening to say that the number one cable show in his area is “The Walking Dead.”  He said that’s our pathetic gift to the world showcasing senseless violence.

When you are away from it, then you realize how nasty our programming really is.  Very few shows are enriching, educational or encouraging. Sounds like our political debates, eh?

Feed  your mind and soul with healthy and positive stuff….peace my friends.

Day 226 Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today is Saturday. Today, I baked black walnut chocolate chip cookies. I wish I could send cookies to my son and some of the other guys I write.

Today, I received a letter from one of my peeps who is in the SHU (solitary housing unit). He has been in a week already and he shared that he has no clue why. Solitay confinement for a long period of time is torture according to the UN on Human Rights violations.

Imagine if you were dirt poor, hungry and desperate. Imagine if an agency you trusted offered you a job, fed you well, changed your tragic status and then manipulated you to do something wrong but told you that you were helping the “cause.” Only it was this agency’s cause to manipulate the public into believing this agency was protecting the public from terrorism.

I think you know deep in your soul what agency I am speaking about. They would make Hitler’s Stasi look like girl scouts.

This young man was groomed and manipulated and the he took the fall for a bunch of insidious monsters who pretend to protect us. My son can tell you how evil they are ( there are some who are decent so I am no stereotyping).

Today, I baked cookies. Today, I think about and pray for those who have suffered unjustly at the hands of immoral people with badges.

Peace my friends..there is always more than what some would like you to believe.

Day 225 Matt says to live courageously

Today is Friday. Today, I received a couple of letters from my son. One I forwarded to a friend and the other was quoted by a beautiful soul for #OPSTOPSUICIDE.

I remember like it was yesterday when Matt told me about a First Nations young man who was traveling the road of hopelessness. The young man didn’t want to live with his perceived shame anymore.
Matt spent a great deal of time talking with this person and helped him see another vision of his future. For months, this young man texted me to tell me how indebted he was to Matt for “saving his life.”

I am quoting the letter my son sent for those who are at risk for suicide:

“When Canadian authorities re-arrested me in 2014, I was utterly distraught I had no idea I was receiving front-page media coverage. I was consumed in a moment of hopelessness. It was just a moment, however. This journey for me and my family has been extremely arduous but those moments have been few and far between. It really does get better. If you disagree or feel otherwise and believe it sends a message, you are mistaken. It only makes you a statistic, whereas living can inspire others. No one like you has ever existed and no one like you will ever exist again. You are invaluable and you do have a purpose. Your feelings at any given moment cannot change this. Stay courageous, live courageously and God bless you. Love Matt”

Life can be really difficult. It can be very painful. But, as Matt says, you have a purpose and you are unique. You are important and I encourage you to turn that pain into something of a positive force to make life better for others. Live a grateful life no matter what the circumstances and reach out to others for help when the sea of despair threatens to drown you.

Peace friends…let’s watch out for each other.