Day 203 Tears for Jeffrey

Today is Thursday. Today, I found out that one of the truly decent men I write, who is in prison, had a heart attack. This man suffers from a heart condition. He has been asking, pleading for medical care and still he is denied. His dear wife went to a judge to ask for help and the judge in turn denied her.  I am stunned.


I am crying here. I have written the warden. I have pleaded for this man. I know others have done the same. What does one have to do to get a bit of kindness?
He needs a cardiologist and he can’t get one.  Instead the prison says he’s lying about his heart condition.  This isn’t a doctor determining this.  It’s prison officials.  Is there not a conscience among any of them?

When I lived in New York State, the prison in Elmira housed a man whose wife stayed with us from time to time to visit her husband. I remember this so clearly like it was just yesterday. The man, who was in his fifties, had chest pains. He screamed and pleaded for the guards, for anyone to help him. They ignored him and told him to go f–k himself. He died after suffering excruciating pain.

That was 13 years ago and what has changed?

I see Trump signs all up and down my street and logos that say “Make America Great Again.” REALLY?!

Let’s face it. You can have the richest country, the biggest military, the lowest taxes and that doesn’t make anyone great.

Greatness comes from the courage and integrity to do the right thing. Greatness is compassion. Greatness is me standing up for you and you standing up for me. Greatness is reaching out a hand and making a difference in this world.

Greatness is someone in that prison coming to aid of a man who is suffering.

Oh God Almighty, please be with Jeffrey Sterling and his family. There is so much cruelty that I feel like I’m choking. Is there not one caring human being in that prison who would help ease that man’s suffering and save his life?

I am crying people…I am crying. This is not greatness; this is the result of a cold cruel prison industrial complex ruled by people who are tombs inside and have lost the ability to feel another’s pain.

Where is mercy?…………….

Day 202 Dust Under the Bed

Today is Wednesday. Today, I stretched out on the floor and peeked under my bed. Ugh…yuck. There was a quarter inch of dust covering the floor and cobwebs hanging in the corners.
Lest you think I’m a slob, I do clean my house. So, I grabbed the vacuum and proceeded to suck up the nasties.
If I’m not careful, then dust and nasties of this world can cover over and keep me from seeing the real truth like the dust under my bed hides the hard wood floors.
There are nay sayers, propagandists, manipulators, and liars who have their agendas.
I need to clean through the webs of deceit and see the cold hard facts. I don’t want to just ignore the dust, I need to eliminate it.
Today, the floor under my bed is clean and shiney. Today, I kept myself informed with articles from Shadowproof, Truthout and TruthDig.

Main Stream Media has failed miserably to discuss the largest prison strike in history.  One prison, Holman Prison in Alabama, had not only the inmates go on strike but also tbe guards to support them.  It is an overcrowded hellish facility.  The warden pushed the meal cart today. Prisons across the country are seeing inmates retaliating against forced slavery.

Democracy Now, a people supported news outlet, not owned by one of the 6 corporations that own about 90% of media, does a great job reporting this.  You can search online and watch the video recordings.  Clean up the dust and search for the truth.

Be wise…peace my friends…

Day 201 Wow

Today is Tuesday. Today, I read a story that made me sit back and smile. It is so refreshing to see humanity, to see kindness, to see compassion at work.

Today, a young black man was caught speeding by an Ohio police officer. The driver was hurrying back to Detroit from Indiana to see his mother as his 15 year old sister had just been killed.

Instead of arresting the young man or worse, the police officer prayed for him and then drove him over 100 miles to his mother’s home. The officer stayed and prayed for the family during their tragic loss.

Wow. My heart was filled with such emotion. Wow, there are people in this country who have the courage and the heart to do noble things.

To that officer in Ohio: God bless you for your incredible act of mercy and kindness.

To the young black man: God bless you with comfort at the terrible loss of your little sister.

peace dear friends….:)

Day 200 Solitary Confinement

Today is Monday. Tonight, I went for a 40 minute walk. I returned just in time to watch the sunset like a clipper ship on fire as it sailed across the lavender sky and sank into the horizon.

Their eyes may never see this for such a long time………

Tonight the breeze was cool as it gently tugged at my hair. It helped me to walk at a really nice pace.

Their skin may never feel this for such a long time….

Tonight, I heard some birds in an enormous maple tree calling out to each other. I passed by a house and children were chasing each other and laughing

Their ears many never hear those joyful sounds for such a long time…..

Tonight, I think about Chelsea and all of those who must endure prison and solitary confinement.

peace my friends….

Day 199 Just One Letter

Today is Sunday.  Today, I spoke with Matt and he was telling me about letters he had received from Australia as well as some of his most committed supporters who write regularly.
I have said this before. Mail to people in prison is like a glass of cold refreshing water or beer (for some) after days or weeks in a desert.
When I am more than a week without contacting some of my people, the anxiety and fear levels heighten. I can read it in their letters. One of my guys who is autistic is almost in tears thinking I will abandon him. I try earnestly to make sure I get him something to him every week.
Just one letter can calm his fears. Just one letter lets him know I am still thinking about him and praying for him. Just one letter lets him know that he is not forgotten; he is still important to another human being out there.
So, if you claim that you are just horrible at writing, then don’t write a letter. Send a card with one line that says you are thinking about the person. If you can, try to imagine trading places with the person in prison. Scared, without those you know and feel comfortable, and perhaps bullied and treated badly by guards and other inmates, you would want the connection with someone who cared about you.
Just one kind letter can give someone hope.  Just one card can help give someone courage to face the day.  Just one letter can keep the human connection that is craved so desperately.

If you have it in your heart to write an inmate, then do it. Don’t put it off. It is such a small task but it means so much to the person on the other end.
My son heard from his cousin for the first time since he’s been in prison. He was so uplifted. I could hear the smile in his voice.

Be that someone who cares on the outside by letting those on the inside know.

Pass around the love. There is so little of it these days that to see it in action is like finding a beautiful ruby at the bottom of a dumpster.

Peace dear friends…

Day 198 “Internet Mum”

Today is Saturday. Today, I received a message from one of Matt’s supporters in Australia who refers to me as “Internet Mum.” I can hear the delightful accent and I am just tickled by the title.

It is such a big deal for Matt to get letters and apparently it is a big deal for his supporters to get responses. Matt tries really hard to write everyone back who has written him. He is only allowed so many stamps per week, so sometimes it is a bit difficult if the letters come from as far as Australia.

I enjoy getting messages from sweet people across the planet who want to pass on messages to Matt. I have become Matt”s mum or internet mum to some dear souls.

Ahh, one day to reach out and give hugs to some of these people is a dream of mine. There’s nothing like human touch and to look into another person’s eyes.

For all those who support Anons far and wide including my son, Matt, I salute you, I appreciate you, I pray for you, and one day, hopefully, I will give you a big hug.


Day 197 Refuse to participate…

Today is Friday. Today, I want to bring to your attention about a label that affects more than 876,000 people in this country including my son. I want you to understand that there is a huge difference between so called child pornography and child molestation, child rape, children being video taped engaged in the sex act.
First of all the Federal Government defines a child as someone 17 years, 11 months and 29 days and less. So, if you are sleeping with your girlfriend and she is not quite 18, you are considered a pedophile according to the gov’t.
Most of the people in prison fall in this category. They received inappropriate pictures of teens, sexting, and sleeping with your underaged girlfriend. There are thousands of people on the sex offender registry that have never had physical contact with a teenager or a child.

Do not put them in the same category as dangerous people who hurt children.

Let me tell you about Andrew Rose. Andrew was a 17 year old who loves music. He would sometimes download music videos from LimeWire. In 2011 Andrew tried to download some music and attached to the files were filthy and disturbing videos of real child pornography. He deleted the nasty videos and tried to download his music. It happened again. Little did he know he was part of a sting called Flicker whereby the infamous FBI set out to entrap those who were downloading music without paying for it. This sting entrapped a lot of young people as well as military people.

Andrew has severe autism. He doesn’t even understand sex never mind child pornography. His home was raided and he was arrested for guess what? Not downloading music, but child pornography put there by the FBI.

Andrew was kicked out to school because the caring and delightful prosecutor informed the school and the town found out. He was forced to live in the basement of his house and not have contact with his little sister. He was treated by the townspeople as a pariah.


Five years later as we know how legal process drags on, Andrew goes to court and he has to take a plea or face 21 years to life in prison. He takes the plea deal, totally innocent of the charges and gets 5 years probation and he must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.


Andrew had to move out of his house and into an apartment as a severely disabled person. He can’t have contact with his sister or any other children.


The FBI has a cache of nasty nasty stuff. Guess where we saw this stuff show up again? Yup, in cases where the prosecutor needs nasty filthy disturbing pictures and videos to make a case.


So, when you hear the label “sex offender”, don’t participate in the lies. There are thousands upon thousands of people who have this label and it destroys peoples’ lives as well as providing money to all the corporate business who benefit off these people.

Educate yourself please.  Educate yourself because so many people are being destroyed.


Day 196 feeding 113 people

Today is Thursday. Today, I had the wonderful privilege of cooking at our local community table for over 100 people. We served beef with noodles, peaches, corn, bread and cookies for dessert. There were lots of little people and I was glad to see the kids getting a hot meal.

Today I finished painting a room and wouldn’t you know I was asked to help paint someone else’s house. Hey, scrubbing toilets, painting houses, a job is a job. The money looks the same..:)

Today, I talked with my son. He got a picture I sent of my quilt I gave to raffle. He shared it with some of the guys. That made me feel good.
When Matt was in jail in Fort Francis, Canada, he got cookies and tea every evening. The cook loved to make special breakfasts for the guys like waffles with strawberries.

Imagine, if we gave prisoners in jail cookies every evening. We were positive kind examples. What if they got their own quilt to go to sleep with at night. You probably think I am being crazy and ridiculous. As a matter of fact I can hear the nay sayers and judgemental shouting, “Cookies? What the hell are you thinking?”
Considering that most of the prison population is in for nonviolent crimes and many are innocent, I think being kind, humane and encouraging people to better themselves.
Why not cookies? Why not mercy and compassion. I ask you why not?

peace my friends….

Day 195 Music and….

Today is Wednesday. Today, I saw sad news about 2 shootings in Tulsa and N Carolina. Two families are now without husbands and fathers. Several police have murder on their souls. These are horrible and unnecessary tragedies for everyone involved.

How do our black citizens sleep at night? How do black families not fear for each other? How do cops who have been been conditioned to shoot to kill first and ask questions later sleep at night? How do their families not fear them?

Our law enforcement was never meant to be militarized and look at citizens like soldiers in the military look at “enemies.” They take an oath to serve and protect. They are our servants not our executioners.

Today, I decided to do something positive for someone. I went to visit an older lady who had back surgery and has been unable to walk for 6 weeks now. She is in a nursing facility receiving therapy and very down because of being immobile. I clean houses to make some money and I bought her a Yamaha keyboard. She is a pianist and organist. She was beside herself with excitement. Hey, a bit of music can take one’s mind off the difficulties of life.

My prayers go out to all involved over these past few days. I grieve for those who were killed as well as our young people being turned into killers.

peace…how we need peace…..

Day 194 Triggers

Today is Tuesday. Today, cancer was eliminated. Today, we will see more than a 2 party system in this country. Today, breadbaskets were dropped instead of bombs. Today, corporate leaders decided to dispense with greed and give generously to charities, oh for goodness sake, they decided to start new charities. Today, prison doors were flung open and the prisoners were given second chances by serving the community. Today, mental illness became a priority. Today, climate change was addressed in a way never seen before. Today, animals were treated special. Today, the justice system became about truth, mercy and justice.

Today is Tuesday. Today, I was reminded that I live in the real world and my son is in prison with thousands of others. Today, I thought I could make it through the entire day without crying. Almost, but then there are those damn triggers.

I have a sign on my wall that someone gave me. It says, “Never, never, never give up. So, I can’t

So, today, I will work on the through the emotion and try to do something positive for others. .

Today is Tuesday. Today, I will make plans to make tomorrow brighter…:)

peace dear friends……