Day 143 Purple balloons of love…

Today is Saturday. Today, I had the privilege of attending a remembrance celebration of a young woman’s life. Like Chelsea Manning, she tried to commit suicide and in her case, she sadly succeeded. She had mental health issues and no insurance to afford the medication she needed to regulate her bipolar condition.

Today, Paul and I joined a large group of family and friends out in the middle of nowhere. It was almost like Deliverance in terms of it being out in the boonies. But, the people are humble and real and good hearted.

We ate channel catfish and barbecued chicken as the sun went down over the Wabash River. In a few minutes family members and good friends of the deceased young woman would send off purple balloons tied with glow sticks and laminated cards showing her picture with the hotline number for suicide prevention.

Today, it was a poignant and lovely way of remembering and celebrating her life as those who knew her deal with the tragedy and sadness of her loss. I had the chance to sit across from her father and watch the tears fill his eyes as he looked out across the river. He was touched by the amount of people who had turned out for this event.

Rest in peace Mandy. You were loved by so many and there will be a big hole in the this part of the world because you are gone. I wanted to do something special for her parents as a memory gift:


Day 142 an artist’s purview…

Today is Friday. Today, I spent some time making more cards for my caged people. I am going to give a sample of what I send. It’s my hope that the hand drawn cards will bring a bit of light and encouragement to the guys and gals I write who live in a dark place.

I could be caged one day. It’s not unlikely. I don’t worry about it, but it does shadow the back of my mind. I remember when ex cia John Kiriakou went to prison about 10 years later under a new administration. If you don’t remember Mr. Kiriakou, he whistleblew on the horrible torture tactic of waterboarding.
He is one of the sweetest men with a sincere faith in God. He suffered terribly in prison because of lack of decent medical care. He and his family are always in my prayers.

So, today, I will just show you some art cards I have made and sent or in the process of sending to my dear people across this country and some around the world.  Enjoy…peace friends.


Day 141 A tear for…

Today is Thursday. Today I served up a turkey dinner with some trimmings for my brother I have not seen in awhile and my mother.

Today, I thought about where I was just a short time ago and I remember wondering if Paul and I were going to be in jail or on the street. It’s amazing how situations can change so drastically.

Thank you, Matt, for sacrificing yourself for your parents. He was threatened that we’d be put in prison with no representation if he did not cop to a plea deal full of lies. I understand that Barrett Brown was threatened like that to concerning his mother.

Today, I will have to put my story on the back burner again because there are some things that cut my heart today.

Today, I learned that Chelsea Manning may be put indefinitely in solitary confinement for attempting suicide. If you have no idea what this means…it is legal torture in the country. It is dehumanizing and often times degrading. I asked myself today what kind of people do this to a person who was in so much anguish that she would want to kill herself? A tear for cruelty and disregard for a fragile soul.

Today, I saw an in your face post: Support Israel. The two words in an of themselves are not offensive and why should they be unless one understands the hatred for Palestinians behind it.
I have a friend who’s mom is Palestinian. She writes my son regularly to encourage and show love. She has been harassed where she lives, her life threatened, her car damaged. I have a Jewish friend who treats me like I’m somebody very special. He does not hate Palestinians; my friend’s mother does not hate Jewish people. A tear for the death and savagery that has been inflicted on the either side but mostly for the innocent Palestinian children.

Today, I was again reminded that I am a woman so that means I don’t have a brain and if I am Christian, why am I not voting for Trump?
The short answer, I follow Jesus and He was about loving and caring for people: brown, black, poor, white, the widow, the orphans, those in prison.
I don’t build walls, I don’t label, I don’t judge someone’s past mistakes.
A tear for human beings who are labeled and treated worse than dogs.

Some may not like this post but I am speaking from my heart. I refuse, absolutely refuse to hate another human being because of the fear mongering, the racism, the media propaganda. I will be wise but I will not let someone else tell me how to think, least of all a corrupt government and its media.

Peace and I will not take offense if you quit following. I love you, too.

Day 140 Freedom Park

Today is Wednesday. Today, I spent a good part of my day drawing cards for my growing number of incarcerated peeps. I hope they get as much enjoyment out of them as I get out of drawing. ..:)

Today, I wondered just how far the hatred in this country can go. It is pretty toxic out there. Step back, count your blessings, do something kind for someone and and tell those close to you how important they are. Give big bear hugs…yup…hugs all around.
People need hugs. You need a hug, your significant other(s) need hugs, your mailperson, the kid that mows your grass, the lady behind the cash register, teachers, the old lady in the nursing home, your dog, your neighbor’s dog, your neighbor, the dude who stops traffic for road crews, the road crew, the homeless guy, the homeless gal, the annoying lady down the street who screams at her kids, the kid with twenty-two piercings in his face, the veteran in the wheelchair with no legs, your sister’s dimwit boyfriend, your brother’s narcissistic wife, the arrogant accountant, the backstabbing lawyer, the self righteous religious person, the democrat, the republican, the anarchist, the coward, the police officer, the fireman, the immigrant who runs the gas station…etc

Love is a choice not a feeling…but we can start with a hug….

Freedom Park

If you have been paying attention to my characters, then you might figure out where this is going..:) I think I will save this for tomorrow evening.

Hey, go hug someone.

Day 139 Snakes

Today is Tuesday. Today, I will continue with my characters..:)

Snakes. Rattlesnakes, vipers, coral, imported boa constrictors, just to name a few. Leaders of the park. These serpents call the shots, run the show, rule the roost. All poisonous, the snakes hate each other but need each other. This need keeps them from devouring each other all though a few will go missing from time to time.
The snakes stay in beautiful coloured glass buildings that overlook the entire park. Afterall, how can they trust all those different kinds of animals? They don’t think like snakes.

Matt was extremely happy to get 2 letters today..😌 Thank you Kristen.

Peace friends…💝💝💝

Day 138 Lauri

Today is Monday. Today, I will forgo my story to talk about Lauri Love’s hearing.
It was a very difficult day because it reminded me of the same kind of farcical garbage my son had to endure during his hearings.

I had to give Lauri’s lawyers credit for dealing with the stupid and nonsensical assertions and questions of the prosecutor. Then you have the alphabet group weighing in. Need I say more? Just in case you weren’t sure:

Lauri, blessings to you. I pray that your judge is mature, fair and ethical. I pray that she sees the enormous mistake it would be send anyone here.
Stay strong, stay courageous, and most of all, don’t lose your sense of humour and that very sweet heart you have.


Day 137 Fox

Today is Sunday. Today I spoke with a friend about a possible job. I am hoping for a good outcome. Today, I heard from my son and he was encouraged because he enjoys singing and was able to do so today. He can switch from tenor to bass…he has a decent range. 🙂

Today, I will introduce the Fox family:

The Fox family live in a hollow in the southeast corner of the park. They are red fox, quiet, peaceful and quite savvy about what goes on in the park. They believe all animals they live with are valuable to the health and welfare of their park and every animal has an important role to play. The Fox family are friendly and considerate. Most of the larger animals don’t pay them much attention, but the smaller and vulnerable animals appreciate the kindness and generosity of the Fox family. There is Papa Fox, Mama Fox and their clever little cub, Guy Fox.

Oh, I chuckled for awhile at this one.:)

Peace dear friends…