Prison people

There are those who find themselves incarcerated and those who teach and minister to those who are incarcerated.  I have been a loyal reader and follower of Chris Hedges who has written for Truthdig for many years.  He is a man with an uncanny sense for the truth and a wisdom that captures the times.  He and his wife teach in the prison system.

In one of Hedges’ latest articles “The Mirage of Justice,” commenting on the documentary Making a Murderer,  I find the hopelessness of a corrupted system that continues to grind up the non guilty along with the guilty exhibiting a merciless and unabated hunger to destroy where one side is unaccountable for vicious behavior and the other side is complicit.

Trust me, this is worth the read if you have any illusions that the system works.

Where is justice?

When justice is not for the people but twisted and used as a weapon toward people, it is not justice at all. When the the weak are extorted by the powerful, when the guilty and the innocent are made examples of by the cruel and the merciless to face decades of incarceration, there is no justice. When prison becomes a means of profiteering for the corporation and those who are caught in the system have no one to come to their defense, there is no justice. This blog is about the ghastly and outrageous system that has set itself against the people.