Day 1221 little things

Today is Wednesday.  Today, I was sitting at Panera Bread and saw a food ad for lobster mac and cheese.  We pronounce it lobstah here.😉

I was going to treat myself; but, I have a gluten issue.  So, I decided to make the dish myself.  White cheddar, gluten free shells, and a steamed lobstah.

Ooh la la if we didn’t have a nice little meal that also included a kale salad.

It’s the little things that bring smiles.

Fresh blackberries..another smile.




Day 1220 restorative justice

Today is Tuesday.  Tonight, we talked about many things at the board meeting for justice reform.  The highlight, restorative justice.

It is the complete opposite of retributive justice/punishment which focuses on the crime and how to punish.

Restorative justice focuses on the individuals and the harm received and perpetrated.  It seeks to restore both parties.

Because healing helps community thrive.  We have been fed fear, hatred and violence for too too long.

We need compassion and mercy.  How do we get there?

Love is an action.


Day 1219 throw in some goats

Today is Monday.  Today, I cleaned a big beautiful house that I have been cleaning for awhile.  Hard wood floors throughout, wooden spiral staircases,  spa tubs, movie theatre, and a full bar are just some of the features.

As I drove home afterwards, I saw an old Victorian home for sale.  I would love to buy a couple of these and rent out the rooms for cheap so young people, the homeless, and those recently released from prison could have a place to live.

It would be great to have a sustainable garden behind the house(s) so peeps could get fresh veggies and learn to grow organically.

Perhaps some chickens for fresh eggs.  Hey, let’s throw in a couple of goats to make soap from the milk.  Why not? Lol


Love is an action💞


Day 1217 not by a long shot

Today is Saturday.  Today, we bought underclothes for those released from prison and in transition.

Today, I thought about doing packages containing a towel, wash cloths, toiletries and sanitary supplies for the women who are released.

Today, I read about VP Pence who stood near the overcrowded cages filled with immigrants and had about as much compassion as the granite stone in front of my property.

Someone asked what would Jesus do since Mr. Pence considers himself a “Christian.”

Well, Mr. Pence, it wouldn’t be what you did, not by a long shot.

Love is an action.


Day 1216 justice is brain dead

Today is Friday.  There are people in this world who are just decent human beings.  I think I met most of them today.

Today, I am going to write the governor of Georgia re pastor Eric Payne.  This man was released, spent 2 years serving his community and because of a clerical error, he was thrown back into prison to serve 10 more years.

Where in the world are the brave people who champion justice?  Such cowards who allowed this to happen.

Justice is not only blind, it is deaf, dumb, and brain dead.

Just look at the headlines.  The wrong people are in prison.


Day 1215 lunch

Today is Thursday.  Today, I had lunch with a former co worker.  She looked, healthy, happy and well rested.

We quit our jobs within 2 weeks of each other.  She told me I looked pretty good myself.  The stress we were both under in concert with sad pay and rude behaviour from the owner lead us both to launch out on our own.

The owner’s focus was on keeping her pricey membership with a golf club and I don’t mean the putter.

She only paid us 25 cents a mile and she complained about that as if we were ripping her off somehow.  I think the national average is 55 cents (?).

So, now I answer to me and if I mess up, I kick my own butt.  I’m harder on myself than anyone else.  But, if I do a really good job, I treat myself to art material.

Years ago, I used to run my own cake business doing parties and weddings.  Now, instead of whipping up icing for cakes, I’m whipping toilets into shape and yes they sparkle.  Lol

My clients like me because I am personable and I care about them.  I work hard and I don’t putter around. 😉