Day 1281 warmongering

Today is Sunday.

“All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.” George Orwell

“As long as the peace-makers are armed with assault rifles, it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever have peace.” Wayne Gerard Trotman

Wishing you #Peace


Day 1280 bravery

Today is Saturday. Today, I heard the the last line of the national anthem- “…and the home of the brave.”

I wondered what most people’s definition of bravery is.

Isn’t it bravery to tell the truth when it seems most people participate in lies? Isn’t it bravery to be a seeker of peace when most are content to support war? Isn’t it bravery to call out evil when most turn a blind eye?

It seems to me that real bravery has been reduced to hashtags and political pitches.

I don’t believe we are the “land of the brave.” It takes courage to admit we have serious issues. Wake up call. We are not all that and a bag of chips. We must work to make changes for the welfare of everyone. That is real bravery.


Day 1279 noble poverty (part 2)

Today is Friday. Today I read in a Manchester newspaper that a local high school band decided to practice in a nearby park.

The park is also the living and sleeping quarters for many of the city’s homeless.

What a beautiful story it was displaying compassion, humanity and teaching kids a variety of lessons.

As the kids played and parents and friends listened, one parent noticed a homeless person shooting up his preferred drug.

This parent immediately alerted the others and after a bit of deliberation, the band and supporters moved toward the group of poor folks and proceeded to play for them.

Afterwards, the parents and kids had a picnic inviting those who had little or nothing to share in a lovely feast of sandwiches, chips, fruit, drinks and yes, even chocolate chip cookies and fudge brownies.

One brave parent took the young person who was abusing drugs and offered to get him help and pay for it!!

It was a marvelous lesson to teach our kids about being grateful for what we have because there are others who nothing. It was a lovely lesson about kindness and mercy.


What actually happened; the one parent called the authorities to have “these” removed like trash from the curb. These parents didn’t want their high schoolers to see the poor, the addicted, the mentally ill. Good Lord how dare there be THOSE in our city parks.

America, America, you who throw the addicts and mentally ill to the trash heaps and prisons. You who cage children, abuse them and leave them to die. You who deny prisoners humanity and then shame them upon release so they are forced to be homeless.

America, America.


Day 1278 Noble poverty (part 1)

Today is Thursday. Remember Mother Theresa? She took a vow of poverty and spent her life taking care of orphans. She was canonized by the Catholic church, I believe, because ofher noble sacrifice taking care of “the least of these.”

Somehow the aspect of noble poverty has faded from collective memory.

It seems that if you are poor or choose to live a simple and frugal life, you are not considered a human being. Let’s see, I’ve heard pigeons, those, scum, trash, lazy, leeches on society among the many adjectives used in derision.

The rich and filthy rich are somehow better, full of integrity and most learned. With the exception of a few of my friends who live quite comfortably, I find the opposite to be accurate or true.

His name is Danny. He works 15 hour days on average making sandwiches for 3 different Subways. He gets only $9.00 an hour. Shame on the owner who owns most of Subways here and I’m quite certain lives very comfortably.

Danny has to rent a room because most apartments won’t rent to someone who was in prison.

Danny brings sandwiches to others that he pays for himself. He is by no means rich; certainly not at $9 an hour; but, he shares and he is always declaring how grateful he is for having a job.

Frankly, I find him quite noble. He could teach a few of us about generosity.

Blessings, Danny.


Day 1277 zucchini bread

Today is Wednesday. Today, I delivered a loaf of zucchini bread to one of my client’s who had originally given me a large zucchini.

There is something therapeutic about baking..😉

Today, I got a letter from Chad. Everything he had brought with him to the new prison was stolen. I put what I could on his commissary. I never whine or pine to have more money; but, some days it would be nice to help my caged peeps get some stuff to make them smile.

Today, I started on a handpainted quilt for my mom. It will be based on Psalm 23.

Hugs and much love.💞

Day 1276 clouds

Today is Tuesday. Today, I saw the unique cloud cover spread across a night sky like white lace spread over a deep blue velvet.

The moon was like a precious pearl cradled in the folds of lace.

Soon the lace gave way to a white dragon, jaws wide as it hungrily swallowed the pearl.

Do you remember laying on the grace and looking up at a sky full of clouds pickong out familiar shapes?

Don’t forget to be a child every now and then. Sometimes adults need a break from adulthood.


Day 1275 newsletters

Today is Monday. Today, I folded newsletters and stuffed envelopes for a hundred caged peeps.

We like to keep our membership (citizens for criminal justice reform) informed.

Chris Dornin, a long time investigative journalist, wrote most of the articles.

I keep the membership list, editing as needed, and get the newsletters addressed, stamped and mailed.

Keep my friend, Joe, in your thoughts and prayers. His meds have been taken away and he is struggling. I sent him stamps and a little funds so he could get his soap and shampoo.

Speaking of funds; Kevin, if you are reading my blog, thank you most humbly for your continued generosity.

I hope you are blessed a hundred times more for your gifts to Matt.