Day 1134 photography

Today is Easter Sunday. Today, I got to speak to Matt for extra minutes. Someone sent him a photography mag and he’s hooked! We talked about lenses and tripods and taking pics for my art projects.
One has to have hope that there will be some kind of normal.



Day 1133 amphibian chorus

Today is Saturday. Today, I am sitting on my porch and it’s around 9 pm. The chorus of peepers and frogs fills the night. How anyone could sleep outside would be beyond me..;) They are so loud it’s hard to think.
Spring has descended finally in my neck of the woods, literally.
I would love to capture the frog opera and send it to my caged peeps.
Did I ever share that I would love to teach art in prisons? I’m sure some folks on the inside could teach me some great art, too.
It is such a major challenge to provide for prisoners. I can’t begin to tell you the time and money that has been wasted because of incompetent inhumane people.
I will be meeting with the commissioner early next week. Talking is a start. I am grateful that there is an open dialog to discuss prisoner issues.
My peepers in the pond out back are singing and they are free. I hope my caged peeps know this feeling one day soon.


Day 1132 just one kind person?

Today is Friday.  Today, I received a letter from my autistic friend.  He said one of the prisoners a couple of cells down had died.  The man was left there until rigormortis set in.  The smell was awful he said.

This is prison folks.  We know nothing about the man, who passed other than he was left to rot in his cell.  Most likely he had family or someone who cared about him.  He may have been guilty, he could have been innocent.  The Justice system in Tennessee is one of the most corrupt in the nation.

Those who are guards come from the community.  These people are neighbors.  These apathetic unfeeling cowards are neighbors.

How can restorative justice ever be initiated with inhumane people?  Prisons are just money makers and they need to be dismantled.

How do I encourage my friend after what he has seen?

Today is Good Friday.  Today, I continue to hope that there is one decent compassionate person who shows kindness to prisoners in that nasty prison.\





Day 1131 Abolition

Today is Thursday. Today, I read an article which has changed my mind about prisons. I agree with the abolition of a system that does not rehabilitate, restore or treat prisoners with dignity. Instead, gross inhumane treatment is rampant and atrocities are common.
This article will give you much to think about. It is well worth the read. Please take time to do so. You won’t regret it.


Day 1130 Veto

Today is Wednesday. Today started out very rocky for me. I am glad the sun shone most of the day and the temperature climbed toward 60. There is something wonderful about blue skies, warm weather and singing birds.
Our fearless leader vetoed a bill that would stop this country from arming SA who is murdering the Yemeni people.
Let that sink in.
Instead of blue skies and singing birds, the Yemeni children see the skies filled with death and hear the screams of those being injured and killed.

Warmongers don’t seek peace and collateral damage is just that; collateral damage because humanity is not in their vocabulary.


Day 1129 justice reform

Today is Tuesday. Today, I met a young man who was civilly committed to prison for mental health issues for 6 years. He wasn’t charged with a crime. He came to my board meeting to talk about his nightmare.
Can I just say that this country is quite
f–ked up?
This is why I work for justice reform.



Day 1128 Orchid

Today is Monday. Today, I started working on another project for someone I love, who has been suffering with serious health issues.
Most of the time we can’t affect systems or at the very least we make miniscule impact. We are much more likely to affect one individual at a time. That’s my philosophy anyway.
Kindness and generosity toward our fellow human beings are my way of making a positive impact.

This is an orchid done in oils that can be made permanent on fabric.  I am working on a lap quilt.

I’m all about encouragement because none of us gets too much and many of us get very little.

Much love. #Peace